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Our salts are sourced from all over the world, hand-picked for their interesting stories, nutritional value, and age-old production. Each salt has a magnificent story, traveled through the ages and brought to your table, adding a delicate flare to each of your soul's creations!

Himalayan salt.jpg

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Found in Pakistan, Himalayan salt is extracted in the same way as it was hundreds of years ago when salt from the Himalayas was called “salt of the King.” It was harvested by hand on the Tibetan high plains, the pink colour comes from the minerals the salt absorbed such as magnesium, sodium chloride and calcium. The salt is unrefined all the minerals and trace elements have been preserved.   This salt pairs beautifully with roast meats and soups

Himalayan, ramson and shitake mushroom.jpg

Rosemary and wild garlic Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt paired beautifully with organic, germ-free rosemary and wild ramson garlic. Wonderful accompaniment for meat dishes and potatoes. Not only does Ramson (wild garlic) offer an incredible list of health benefits, it has a delightful garlicky, chive flavour. Ramson flakes, blended with rosemary promise to give any meal a punchy pop of flavour.

Himalayan and shitake salt.jpg

Himalayan pink salt with shitake mushroom

Shitake mushrooms are prized for the rich, savoury, woody flavour. Sort after by world-renowned chefs, this exceptional nugget has more to offer than just flavour, it is jam-packed with nutrients helping to support the immune system, it has possible cancer-fighting properties and may assist in reducing cholesterol and inflammation. Perfectly blended with our rose-pink Himalayan salt turns vegetables, soups and sauces into a delicious, delicate delight.

Persian Blue Salt.jpg

Persian Blue Salt

Persian blue salt is extracted from a salt mine in the province of Semman, in northern Iran. The only place in the world where this salt can be found, it is created by shifts and gaps in the crystal structure giving it a magnificent blue colour. This salt is rich in potassium and iron offering an array of health benefits. Persian Blue salt is hand collected; it has an intense flavour that quickly subsides. This salt pairs well with salad and seafood.


Danish smoked salt

Danish smoke salt is a delicious gourmet salt from Denmark. A smoky taste with pure natural ingredients. The unrefined sea salt.  is cold smoked over beech wood and has an intense and aromatic fragrance and flavour, reminiscent of freshly smoked food.

The salt is cold smoked over beech wood for 160 hours and turned once an hour. Salt smoking has its origins with the Vikings. The production of this smoked salt is currently limited to a few hundred kg per month, making it particularly valuable. It is free from chemical additives and flavour enhancers

The Danish smoked salt is particularly suitable for salting roasted or grilled meat, making it an excellent accompaniment to a freshly grilled steak. It can also give vegan or vegetarian dishes a deep savoury flavour without the use of animal products. Add Danish smoked salt to soy products or vegetables and the delicious smoky flavour unfolds.

Schwabian smoked salt.jpg

Schwabian smoke salt

Our Swabian smoked salt is produced according to a century-old recipe in a small smokehouse in the Swabian Alps, in the heart of Brandenburg. With a great deal of love and experience, traditionally harvested sea salt is smoked for 6 to 7 days at a temperature between 15°C and 23°C.  The result is smoked Schwabisch salt with an intense taste experience.

A maximum of 150 kg can be smoked per smoking cycle. This process can only be repeated  2 to 3 times, after which the entire installation must be dismantled and cleaned so that all deposits such as tar and soot are removed.

A mixture of spruce and beech wood provides the intensive smoke aroma. Schwabian smoked salt blends beautifully with egg dishes, stews and typical Schwabian dishes such as lentils and sausages. Our smoked salt is a natural product. Natural variations in colour, grain size and composition are normal and do not constitute a reduction in quality.   

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