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Zucchini and Seaweed Salad

Persian Blue , courgette and anchovy recipe.JPG

I have mixed zucchini noodles with finely chopped seaweed, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a drizzle of virgin olive oil.  A generous sprinkling of Persian Blue salt rounds this dish off beautifully, served with a dollop of hummus.

Note: Persian Blue Salt pairs well with salads and vegetables

Plant Based strips in Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry Strips.jpg
Green Thai Curry with Plant Based Strips.jpg

These plant-based strips were made by a customer who sent us these photos. She has used them in a Thai Green Curry.  A wonderful idea and she did say they were delicious. Fabulous Idea, thank you so much

Sundried Tomato soup with Plant Based Chicken Bouillon

Sundried Tomato Soup with Rosemary and Wild Garlic.jpg

Sundried tomatoes finely chopped, garlic and shallots. Simmered in Pure Plant Based Chicken Bouillon and Pure Rosemary and Wild Garlic Blend.  The soup was finished off with a dash of Soya Cream.

This soup was made by a customer who sent us the photo. I believe 5 stars were awarded.

Thank you for sharing

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